Get started with first body essence

The first post-shower body essence created for specific skin types!
Step one of body skin care,
the first essence designed for use all over your body.

Do body creams feel too rich or sticky to apply right after showering?
Are there any lightweight products that absorb quickly into skin?
Introducing LOVBOD’s first Body Essence for body skin.

If your body feels dry all the time
Super Moisturizing Body Essence

For Dry Skin

The first body moisturizing essence for use after showering, with sodium hyaluronate and natural herbal extracts to retain moisture throughout the day and strengthen the epidermal barrier to maintain healthy and supple skin.

If you have trouble with sensitive skin
Calming Relief Body Essence

For Sensitive Skin

A soothing gel ingredient enhances skin texture, forming the first soothing moisturizing shield after showering. Moisturizing ingredients containing tea tree extract strengthen the moisture barrier to relieve dry and irritated skin. Hypoallergenic Tested.

When you feel the effects of aging
Extra Firming Body Essence

For All Skin

Moisturizing ingredients and nutrients that are easily absorbed during application provide rich moisture and elastic energy to the skin. The active ingredient finishes neatly without stickiness, protecting skin from moisture loss after showering and strengthening the epidermal barrier. Wrinkle Refining.

Our new favorite body wash

Cleansing, the first step in body skin care!
Body wash that gently cleanses and
restores your skin's moisturizing balance

“Even when I get out of the shower, my skin feels dry.”
“My skin still itches after showering, and body lotion only works temporarily.”
Introducing LOVBOD’s Body Wash to keep skin moist and healthy beyond the shower.

Balancing Body Wash for skin that is dry and difficult due to pH imbalance

For All Skin

A mildly acidic formula derived from plants that mimics skin’s natural pH to gently cleanse, moisturize, and comfort dry body skin while promoting skin health. The fresh, floral fragrance delights the senses.

Fresh up Body Wash for skin suffering from exposure to fine dust

For All Skin

Naturally derived surfactants create a silky foam that gently washes away dirt and debris while moisturizing skin to leave it refreshed after showering. Bright, woody fragrance awakens the senses.

Hold on! Your body needs more…

Body Treatment Spray to keep your skin healthy and moist
Body Treatment Spray replenishes
moisture with a hint of fragrance

Use these three different formulations as the last step in your body care

Love me first.
Body Treatment Spray | First

Love me today.
Body Treatment Spray | Today

Love me more.
Body Treatment Spray | More